Tip of the cap for SteppenWulf (PVTL)

Over a 20% pop this morning. Very nice.

I started a very small position with some September call options with a $22.50 strike price on June 5th, for $1.10 per contract. With their next earnings likely to be coming right around the same time as that Sept. 21st expiration, and possibly before, I am thinking I may exercise the full position into some shares.

Glad to have started my small position…and more glad that the sell-to-close order price I had set for part of the position didn’t fill yesterday afternoon


Congrats and kudos to SteppenWulf.


I felt confident enough yesterday to double my small position before the release so a nice morning for me. Thanks to everyone on this board and especially SteppenWulf for bringing this company to our attention. Next question, I am at 2.5 percent, is now the time to add? Like others on the board including Saul I have to sell something to add. Yesterday I sold some ANET. Shop is now my largest position at around 11 percent. Decisions, decisions.

is now the time to add Yes, if you think the stock has more potential than your other choices. The price yesterday should be meaningless to you, all that counts is the price now.

Usually (few things are always in stocks) the price continues to creep up from the opening for several days as the news spreads. That has already started with PVTL , pre market to open to now, each a bit higher.

I added a bit more PVTL early this AM.

What to sell? Your slowest performer (objective) or the one where you have the least conviction and confidence (subjective)


sound advice mauser, thanks, I am adding a little more. I have decided to unload some of my WMT holdings. My wife and I have owned Wal-Mart since 1977 so even though I know emotions are not supposed to enter into the decision, selling is like turning my back on a loyal friend. We have made so much money from that stock over the years. I added aggressively through the 80’s and rode that horse until it dropped it’s head. But it has not been a good holding for a few years now so it is time. Symbolically I lost a little palomino mare over the weekend that I owned for 27 years, bought her as a two year old and broke her out and trained her myself and she taught my kids to ride, and my grandkids and was the sweetest little gal on the plains. It was hard to loose her so time moves on.
Time to add another horse to the herd and another stock to the portfolio.
Thanks again


Thanks guys - I’m glad I if bringing this company to the attention of the board helped some people make some money.

Of course so many others, such as Saul, Tinker, Volfan, Conehead, examined it, spent time analyzing the details, and helped myself and others get more confident about PVTL as an investment. I’m long for the long run in PVTL and MDB.


First time poster and lurker for a few months here. Yes, thank you Steppenwulf, Saul, Tinker, and many others for your expertise and high conviction on PVTL and others. I’m a SA and RB subscriber and found my way to this board and so glad I did. I had already invested in OKTA, AYX and MDB but now my list has expanded to PVTL, IQ, and PSTG in this space.

I bought PVTL 3 times within the last couple weeks - and even added yesterday. After last nights earnings blowout I added 2:1 put/call DEC syn longs for a nice credit this morning when it pulled back to $26 - up about 20% already. I doubt I would not have found PVTL had it not been for the contributors here. You all are amazing.

long PVTL shares and Dec 25 synthetic longs