TMFTripleOption doesn't like AAPL, or does he?

Just saw the TMF article Why I Wouldn’t Touch Apple’s Stock With a 10 Foot Pole But under TMFTripleOption’s profile, it says he likes stocks “that consumers love that consistently provide market beating growth”.

At least he could downvote it in his Caps rating, putting “Caps points” on his feeling.

Interesting change here on TMF for discussions. I guess there’s no AAPL specific area now, just tags? If looking for an Apple and AAPL specific board, the aaplfinance board on proboards in one option. aaplfinance

The Apple board was converted to tags so it’s still an Apple specific area. All the active company boards in the Stocks A to Z area of the old system became Tags in the Stocks A to Z category. So it’s still the same thing - you’re starting an Apple discussion. (And that is an interesting juxtaposition between the article title and profile comment)

I guess it gets the same thing done, but using tags seems closer to always searching in your inbox instead of just having a folder. But that’s the push these days.

Nice to see AAPL finish in the green today, even if just by a little. I didn’t expect this dip to get quite as low as it did, but being a little higher than the last 2 shows there is some support there. It’s always hard to know if the low is in already, especially with enough wall of worry issues out there that could get bigger. Time will tell…along with earnings.

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Well, my interest has been very long, as in Apple ][+ days on into Macs, but no investment, other than hardware until the early, mid '90s… Plopped in several $K at the time and it has played out quote well, even with all the roller coaster times… And now dividends, I’d pulled off the initial investment to cover some product along the way, so the remains are pure profit…

Also the Apple Tag, now also becomes the product help line as the Apple User Group as well as the Watch, iPhone boards were closed… HWTSC was left, but it has always been a Win/PC oriented board, handy for those in need, but better for mac or user problems to use the Apple Tag board. Other options are Apple’s Discussion boards, as well as other websites specializing in Macs, iPhones,…

I think we’ve lost some of our long time gurus, time will tell if they make it back to MF…


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Am I right that we can use multiple tags? It looks like it. Presumably that gets rid of having to cross-post manually, but it also makes the discussion groups feel less-defined. Still getting used to the new boards.


Yes. I believe up to four tags.

More important from my view, readers don’t keep encountering the same message that was posted all over the place.

We all are.


Yes, As RH said, you can use multiple tags now (it’s actually 5 per topic). And it definitely helps with both - folks don’t need to cross-post multiple times and others don’t have to read the same message multiple times. Anytime you are in the Stocks A to Z category, you can use the avialbe company tags. We only converted the active boards so there aren’t a lot there but if you really want a new one, use the new-company-tag as a tag and we can add it.

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Yea, it’s a real shame the powers to be decided we no longer use PCs and will no longer need help. Don’t know what they been smoking but IMHO we need a ‘Category’ or ‘Board’ or whatever you want to call it for old folks like yours truly that occasionally run into computer problems.



Totally agree - HWTSC is primarily oriented to the Windows user… We Apple users no longer have a help board and we need one too. Presently, we post questions to the Appl Board which really isn’t geared to answering computer questions, and/or the HWTSC Board which is primarily concerned with Windows users. Members of both boards have accepted our questions, however, we all (the OLD and the YOUNGER) members of what was formally TMF do need a “HELP” Board dedicated to our needs too. This whole scenario is cumbersome, and not a user-friendly platform. Its a shame that we have lost so many of our former posters who were generous with time and efforts to provide assistance. It just “ain’t” the same, and I foresee that many more of us will leave out of frustration. Sad to acknowledge…


That’s okay. I wouldn’t touch TMF stock with a 10 foot pole.

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LOL! Not without a little work and focus, at least.

I think it could change things dramatically if a bullish or bearish article required some skin being in the game. You’d have to set it up in a way so it wasn’t just a “pump and dump” conflict of interest. Maybe half of the “writing fee” for independents, and $100 of salary for an employee, automatically gets invested (long or short) into the underlying stock before the article is published, but the article notes this and the investment isn’t released to the writer for 30 days.

It just seems like too many articles, by analysts or otherwise, have no skin in the game. I can write a glowing or scathing investment article on any company out there that I don’t care about one way or another. But where’s my incentive to be accurate? Am I just trying to sell page-views, or am I actually trying to write something that I would stand behind, and even follow the investment advice I would be putting out there?

Maybe someone will get this right. TMF has tried many tactics over the years, sometimes even becoming what they formerly despised. But that’s part of being able to pivot when a better opportunity presents itself. Maybe this is the time, getting some skin in the game.

I still have both old and new tabs in my ‘set’ of tabs I use in Safari, I just need to now Edit out the Old TMF link, there are then 15 tabs set up, from old haunts, also pretty decimated, to the 9to5 and our local newspapers daily pages,

Within some, like FB, I have many favorites, some I began, as well as Admin several, from our old HS gang to Family to where we grew up, a bit of CA History as well as the Sierras, Yosemite. The largest group has about 9,700 members, not all are active, but there is a steady inflow, occasional removals, as well as Spam blocking, banning… RELE refugees are still hangin’ on as well, with a lot less restrictions, language or political… All controllable.

It’s a kick to drop in an old photo, stir the pot, always many hadn’t seen in several years back or can add a lot on the history of the place or event…

So TMF is changing, it is sad to see the blank spaces… We’ve also lost. over the years many old timers whose time was up, sometimes we find out, other times, there is just a gap…

Survival of the fittest!! ??

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