TracyK's portfolio performance through 1/31/

Greetings, my fellow investing warriors:

I’ve been off the boards for a couple of weeks because I’m in the process of changing jobs. I opened up our discussion board…and there were over 1,000 unread postings! It was interesting to catch up, and read about investors thoughts on the downturn, Arista, Pure Storage, New Relic, etc.
Through January, I’m up 5.9%. What’s the lesson? I simply must find a way to sell more of my solid, but slower growing stocks.

Results through January 31st:
Top 10 stocks in % growth –
CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics) +67.3%
NFLX (Netflix) +40.8%
SQ (Square) +35.3%
MZOR (Mazor Robotics) +27.3%
NVDA (Nividia) +27%
SHOP (Shopify) +26.7%
ABMD (Abiomed) +25.4%
MELI (Mercado Libre) +23%
ALGN (Align) +18.5%
ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) +18.3%

Top 10 Holdings in % holdings –
NFLX (Netflix) 25.9%
CASH ($$) 7.4%
AAPL (Apple) 6.2%
GOOG/L (Alphabet) 5.1%
BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway) 4.5%
NVDA (Nividia) 3.4%
AYX (Alteryx) 2.9%
MFA (MFA Financial) 2.8%
MELI (Mercado Libre) 2.7%
TREE (Lending Tree) 2.6%
63.5% of total portfolio

January activity:
Purchased –
JD ( I liked the story I heard on a TMF podcast….and yes – it’s a Chinese company.
IONS (Ionis Pharmaceuticals)
ODFL (Old Dominion Freight Lines) I did well with XPO Logistics, and ODFL has an excellent reputation.

Sold –
SWKS (Skyworks) – reallocated to purchase the above.
JUNO (Juno) – purchased by Celgene.

Thanks to you all, and February will wrap up soon.