TracyK's portfolio performance through 3/31/

Greetings to my fellow investing adventurers,
Here are my results through March 31, 2018.

YTD through March: held steady at +20%
S&P: -1%
IWM: 0% (Russell 2000)

Top holdings - % growth
CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics) + 94.7%
ABMD (Abiomed) +55.3%
NFLX (Netflix) +53.9%
SQ (Square) +41.9%
NTNX (Nutanix) +39.2%
AYX (Alteryx) +35.1%
PAYC (Paycom) +33.7%
INST (Instructure) +27.3%
SHOP (Shopify) +23.4%
HUBS (Hubspot) +22.5%

Top holdings - % of total portfolio
NFLX (Netflix) 24.9%
AAPL (Apple) 5.5%
GOOG/L (Alphabet) 4%
CASH ($$) 4%
BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway) 3.7%
AYX (Alteryx) 3.2%
NTNX (Nutanix) 3%
NVDA (Nividia) 2.9%
ABMD (Abiomed) 2.7%
MFA (MFA Financial) 2.6%
MELI (Mercado Libre) 2.2%
TOP 10 HOLDINGS = 58.7% of portfolio

March activity:
Sold MKTX (Marketaxess), NTES (Netease), UBNT (Ubiquiti Networks), and TCX (Tucows).
Purchased EDIT (Editas Medicine), TEAM (Atlassian Corporation), and OKTA.

April has started out bumpy; it will be interesting to see how this month shapes up.



Thanks, Tracy, for sharing. I love the community here – we learn from Saul and the early posters, the consistent posters. Folks way more invested than me on one or another issues.

But we’re all welcome here to share, and post our sh*_, too. It’s great for learning. Someday Saul will give up here, in the reality of life or just in the posting, and I appreciate the continuation.

I’m dumping FANG stocks, mostly the FAAG part. In my view AAPL is done. It belongs on the DIV board. Good for me, for you, if that’s your need. I’m late in the discovery and selling.

AMZN will continue to rule commerce, and ecommerce will rule our lives. Don’t fight a good run, a LOT of profit. Take some gains, see how AWS play out.

In spite of all the legal challenges, or pseudo-legal challenges, Android is everywhere. As a tech guy I didn’t invest in GOOG until late, after I understood Android as the OS. Android is already the OS for every stupid kiosk and BLE shopping coupon you’ve yet to meet. When GOOG gets disrupted by the feds, sell. Or keep a utility with commensurate returns.

To the N… Netflix. As a tech guy, movie buff, I’m holding. For the record, I’ve moved in and out of NFLX twice. Original basis at `$7, sold at much more to pay cash for my home. I’m that way – safe on the home, risky on the edges.

Working from what was ~58 stocks to now ~32 to something I have the time to pay attention to every day. A complete f*ck to everything I’ve ever learned.


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