Transparency of Past Recs and Best Buys Now

Hi Fools,

I’ve always loved the transparency at TMF, but recent updates to the website have made it very difficult to see the full transparent history of all recs, BBNs, and the performance of each of those. At the bottom of the company page you used to be able to click on the performance page and see the date of every single best buy now and recommendation, it’s performance, and how it has done relative to the market. Now you can only see most recent rec’s performance from the company page, not all past recommendations or Best Buys now. I really find that this decreases the transparency from TMF and makes it much more challenging to make investment decisions. Can you please fix this?


Hi MFLongHaul,

You are not alone in missing the performance button on the company snapshot page. We’re hoping they bring it back but the good news is the data is still there and can be accessed by appending the word performance after the company ticker in the URL. You have to delete all the ‘stuff’ after the ticker though…here’s an example.…

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I agree! I’m very upset that you can no longer see the history of buy/sell recommendations. I purchased one stock on a Rule Breaker recommendation back in 2020. It somehow disappeared from my favorites list. It doesn’t show up as a recommendation anymore. I can’t find any history of a sell recommendation. The page for this stock shows no news or analysis. It’s like they are hiding a bad recommendation (down 27% for me).

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See prior post in thread for a work-around.

We should not have to rely on workarounds in order to see full-info performance data from TMF. I agree the company’s transparency has taken a dive. TMF should be making things easier for us, not putting up obstacles like having to rely on a workaround.


Hey Fools, some pages have a Feedback button embedded in the lower left. It might be hidden on mobile, so try to visit the page below when you are logged in on a desktop or laptop.

Here’s Netflix’s company page, for example:

The design team that removed the “TMF Performance” box in the lower right of the old version heard from me the day the new design was implemented. Make sure they see this request from you as well.

I get that we don’t want a table of 80 BBNs on Netflix’s company page. But I think a button with a link to that full performance history should always be displayed.