TTD's strong; 10% up today

In the blood bath on the street (continued from last week), TTD posts a nice gift of +10%.

Always volatile, it’s my strongest recovery issue today.


I replied to your last post. Meant to put it here. OOPS

I replied to your last post. Meant to put it here. OOPS

Welcome to the board! Always good to hear from a fellow TTD’er.

Re your comments, (over on the other thread):

“Wish you held more”. TTD is extremely volatile. (Not risky, volatile.) The obvious flags of PE and PS ratios tell us that. (Currently PE 120, PS 30.) All that said, TTD has been my #2 performer, going back three years now.)

I would add during the down trend, but it’s already way overweight here. (#1 overweight is NVDA, FWIW.)

TTD is still settling out from a super over-exuberant jump that peaked four months ago. Don’t know why the jump, but it did, and it’s been correcting since. I am not concerned. I think it has ‘settled down’, and I plan to hold indefinitely.

Back to the settling down: It looks like it might be getting back to its ‘normal’ range; if you are thinking about it, might be the right time to add.

(If indeed, adding ANY more to your overall market exposure, on any stock, is the right time right now***. Wish I had a good suggestion about that. I don’t.)

Biden’s incoherence-incompetency?
Nationwide rioting/crime wave turmoil?
NOV2022 and NOV2024 elections integrity?
Congress wild spending bills/out of control deficits?
Covid finally settling down?
Iran-Nuke Bomb?
North Korea firing off missiles?