Very disaappointing

This is confusing, significant departure; Perhaps if you could post a video to help people who are used to old board type for a very long time to acclimatize.

PS: why title has to be 15 characters???


Here is a link to the orientation video –

It is just something we will have to get used to. The old board system truncated subjects that long so we all got used to writing less meaningful subjects.


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How do I get a list of my categories, so I can quickly see if there’s been any new posts. Like my old FAVORITES. This new interface is maddening.

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Peter put together a great, detailed post on how to do this. Unfortunately I don’t know how to link to that post yet…

It involves clicking to the right of the CATEGORIES on the left menu (if on a laptop). A pencil will appear to the right of the word CATEGORIES. If you click on the pencil you are given a box that allows you to select and add to the CATEGORIES on the left menu. Important to note – once you select everything, you must click OUTSIDE the selection box in order to see SAVE CHANGES. If you do not click SAVE CHANGES, all of your selections will be lost. I will see if I can figure out how to link to Peter’s post.


Thanks. I think that worked.

Peter’s post on how to recreate favorite boards

I think the above will link to Peter’s excellent post on how to recreate the Favorite Boards list.



Looks like you figured it out before I found Peter’s post.

Posting this to see if I am doing this correctly.


What I ended up doing was going to my old TMF screen showing favorites and then following Peter’s instructions and adding each of my favorites from top to bottom in order. That way they show up in the same order in the new system. It worked pretty well and so far so good.



Thank you for the video.

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Ha ha, LOL. You’re just upset because you can’t use your useless non-descriptive “just saying” title anymore. I call this a win.

Hmmm. I thought most of my posts had no impact, thank you for sharing how my post titles had left an impact on you. I am sure I can get creative, just saying… :slight_smile:

Trailing blanks don’t get counted so that doesn’t work. But I found a special blank that does not get counted. Finding it was not easy, and no, I am not going to tell you what I found.⠀


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