Waiting for POMO

The markets are treading sideways towards oblivion, or so is my guess.
Ok, maybe oblivion is a bit harsh. Some sort of correction or acknowledgement of a recession is what I expect. Probably/possibly won’t surpass the 2022 lows, showing again that my timing sucks and that was when I should have gone fully Long.

Oh well. it is always about, or should always be about, “what is the best move to make right now?”

And I have found some tiny mkt cap moonshots ESPR, WSTRF, and considering perhaps ZVIA. Still long PTLO. Seems like the early Spring of 2018 has permanently spoiled me forever, with epic sub-$2b mkt cap companies that exploded in following years. I still made good gains in years past with $10-20-30b mkt cap companies (at that time) like TSLA, NVDA, and SPG. In general, I like the upside the little guys offer.

Anyway, while I wait for POMO, I felt it wasn’t fair to not have someone to enjoy waiting with. So here is POMO’s good friend:


Just like my port…sitting on the ground, waiting for the right moment to get back up. A knowingly-disdainful yet playful look on her face all the while. Maybe just needs a bit of a hand up.