Wasted screen space

These new boards seem to waste a lot of screen real estate, at least on desktop (and probably laptop) computers. My monitor screen is about 20 inches wide. (Older eyes like big screens!) Over 5 inches of that space is wasted to blank space on each edge. That’s 1/4 of the screen going to waste.

And that’s with the sidebar open. Close the sidebar and there’s even more space going to waste.

I’m sure this isn’t a high priority issue, but it’s one that would certainly improve things if it were corrected. The sidebar could be made wider to accommodate longer category names. Navigation tools could stay on one side of the screen instead of scrolling off the top. Long banner ads could be placed there. Help and/or announcements could go there. Maybe links to How To videos or posts helping out new users. Which at the moment is pretty much everyone.