Weekend Track Competition: BBCCGZ - Part Two

I am happy to report that all our lot dirt is still there and wrapped to perfection for the foundation to be poured on Monday. Still - tomorrow I have been assigned corner oil coating: we use regular ole Crisco Vegetable Oil - lightly sprayed on the inside of the foundation framing corners. For those of you who are not familiar with building - the reason we do that is that sometimes when the foundation is poured and ready for the foundation framing to be removed, if folks are in a hurry or use too much pressure the corners tend to crack a bit or even come lose in a small area. With a very light coat of oil that does not happen; not too much - not too little…but…just right. Now you may be asking yourself why not Virgin Olive Oil instead of regular ole Crisco Vegetable Oil and if you think about it a few moments the conclusion is semi-obvious.

Oh well…now back to the exciting second half of our Weekend Track Competition: BBCCGZ - Part Two. When the first half of the competition ended we left BILL with a 4 point lead over GTLB; however, its still anyone’s competition to win with both ZS and BRZE in striking distance.

DATA POINT SIX: Price Performance Last 52 Weeks

  1. BRZE -39%

  2. CRWD -46

  3. GTLB -52

  4. CFLT -54

  5. ZS -56

  6. BILL -72


  1. CRWD +27.3%

  2. BRZE +20

  3. ZS +2

  4. CFLT -3

  5. GTLB -23.2

  6. BILL - 36.6%

And Just like that we have a new Leader!

Standings After 7 Data Point Comparisons:

  1. BRZE = 29

  2. BILL = 28

  3. GTLB = 27

  4. ZS = 23

  5. CRWD = 23

  6. CFLT = 17

DATA POINT EIGHT: RELATIVE STRENGTH. (Aware that Growth is Feeling Poorly)

  1. BRZE 48

  2. CRWD 38

  3. CFLT 22

  4. ZS 16

  5. GTLB 11

  6. BILL 6

Bill Choking late while CRWD and BRZE making a run.

Standings After 8 Data Point Comparisons:

  1. BRZE +35

  2. BILL +29

  3. GTLB +29

  4. CRWD +28

  5. ZS +26

  6. CFLT +21


  1. ZS 99

  2. BILL 78

  3. CRWD 77

  4. GTLB 56

  5. CFLT 47

  6. BRZE 15

Power moves by ZS, BILL and CRWD have tightened things up a bit and now everyone but CFLT is still alive.


Note: This Data Point is complicated by the point award system as follows:

A or Better: 10 Points

B+ 9 Points

B 8 Points

C+ 6 Points

C- 5 Points

D+ 4 Points

D- 3 Points

  1. CRWD B

  2. CFLT B

  3. GTLB C-

  4. BILL C-

  5. BRZE D+

  6. ZS D+

Standings After 10 Data Points:

  1. CRWD +40

  2. BRZE +40

  3. BILL +39

  4. GTLB +37

  5. ZS +36

  6. CFLT +31

There will be a 15 minute break and then the First Overtime Tie Breaker Data Point.
Comparison. The Champico Rankings Tie Breaker rules require a Best of Three series comprised of Retention; Customer Growth, and Path to Profitability

First Overtime DATA POINT: RETENTION DBNR (Latest Numbers Available)

BRZE +126%

CRWD 125.3%

First Tie Breaker Point to BRZE. Score BRZE 41 - CRWD 40


BRZE +38%

CRWD + 41%

Second Tie Breaker Point to CRWD: Score BRZE 41 - CRWD 41

Third Overtime Tie Breaker Data Point: Path to Profitability


  • Free cash flow was $(28.1) million compared to $(3.5) million in the third quarter of the fiscal year end January 31, 2022.


  • Cash Flow: Net cash generated from operations was $273.3 million, compared to $159.7 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. Free cash flow was $209.5 million, compared to $127.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022.

Third Overtime Tie Breaker to CRWD!

Final Score: CRWD 42. BRZE 41

This is the sort of thing I tend to do often to keep myself interested in investing. But…this short exercise is just the beginning of the research process to keep me semi-informed about my list of companies as well as to see if it motivates me to dig deeper. Please keep in mind that the outcome might have been different had I used other DATA POINTS for comparison purposes.

Finally - Please refer to Note 1 in Part One of this competition.

All the Best,