what dip?

When is a dip not really a dip?
How about:

when stocks are all up 10-20-30% in one week since.
when stocks are still 40-50 P/S or higher, while some claim those stocks are “cheap” or “beaten down”.

I don’t buy any of this.
But then again, in my head I think I must sound like the Simpsons’ newspaper photo stating “old man yells at cloud”. Ha.

I missed out big time on PTLO and GLBE today.
PTLO bounce makes no sense. Looks at BROS also. BROS is up over 50% in 6 trading days.
Try justifying any of that while also saying “market has beaten down stocks”.

I should have stayed in GLBE. Yes, it could easily go back to 20’s again, but long-term (12 months plus) I think it is solid CAGR. Should have left the most recent core allocation alone. Maybe I am still proven correct, or just proven greedy. Grrr.

For PTLO…with lockup expiration still out there, supply chain/inflation/worker shortages, and upcoming ER. I think there is time to accumulate this one thru the Spring.

SPG? Hmmm. Harder to say. Gut says under $150 is fairly safe long-term, but not in a huge upside kind of a way.

DDOG still a $45b mkt cap, about same as ZM, with about 1/4 the revenues.
Yep. The world makes no sense.



I don’t buy any of this.

Who knows? There is still no volume on most of my stocks. UPST was 150% of 7-day but it was an outlier. UPST down a little AH and AFRM down 3.4% AH in sympathy with Paypal which stunk up the fintech space (PYPL down 16%, SQ off 4.5%). I added a little AFRM.

'Tis with trepidation that I await earnings.


The “market” is up today.

And by that I mean a few super-megacaps are keeping the whole thing above water.

I often wonder about index traders and TA whizzes when you realize that GOOG/AAPL/MSFT/FB/TSLA/NVDA and a select few others make up such a huge part of the index.

Today is actually nostalgically reminding me of 2018/2019 type trading.
Where the index itself doesn’t tell you how your stocks are doing.

I feel like, ever since everything went down in sync with onset of covid, most then went up in sync, and ever since have been largely in BTFD mode in sync.

Nice to see the divergence.
However, under the hood, most growth all down at same time and up at same time, so still just feels like a fake market toying with everyone all the time.

I want to see completely mixed days. Half the stocks from same cohorts up while other half down, and then I may finally feel like we are back to trading on fundamentals mainly.