Wonder what the management consultants charged for the design?

Quicken has a new logo. Whooopeeee!

Yea, Whooopeeee! Now if they could just figure out how to permanently fox the Elan Financial Services issue I would be a happy camper. This problem comes up every time Elan Financial Services decides it needs to change the design of it’s website or it wants to ask you for your Mom’s maiden name. It’s a real PITA and Quicken has chosen to do nothing about it.

By-the-way, I also received CEO Donn’s email today. Initially I thought it was Quicken Support replying to my nasty gram I had sent about good old Elan Financial Services but no it was a YouTube that I had a hard time initiating telling me about their new name.

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Given the latest fad among management “consultants” of spinning off operations (Kellogg’s, JNJ, for instance) calling Quicken “Quicken Classic” is probably a move to separate the operations into the “slow growth” and “fast growth” companies.


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I would be a happy camper, too.

Having the same issues with Elan Financial lately. Looked into the self help support website and it’s a known problem with a fix expected in the next software update. Let’s hope it’s soon, as DW and I use that card just about everything, and I use Quicken download to bring all those transactions into Quicken for categorization and reporting / analysis / financial management.


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I hear ya. The error message I received Saturday suggested trying again the next day. I tried both Sunday and Monday. Haven’t tried today yet. Still can’t download from Elan Financial Services.

Like you the boss and I use our Fidelity card for a boat load of transactions.