What's Wrong With Apple?

What the heck is wrong with Apple? I use Reminders all the time and now they are gone. Not only are they gone but I have to plead ignorance. How the heck do I get them back? Apple pulls this B/S all the time. It tends to P.O. folks.

Any idea how to get my Reminders back? They talk about Cloud and all that Yuppie B/S all I want is my Reminders back.


I don’t use them, rely more on Alerts from Calendar, but I did find this:


Well, I use Reminders with iCloud, and I also keep tons of backups. I understand from your post that you don’t use iCloud. Do you use Reminders on a Mac or on an iPhone? If both, do your reminders sync between devices? If so, maybe you really are using iCloud and don’t realize it. If that’s the case, it could just be a failure of one device or the other in syncing to iCloud. Those kinds of failures usually clear themselves up after a restart and/or disconnecting and reconnecting to iCloud.

In any case, I’m not very familiar with how Reminders are stored and how to recover them. If you use Reminders solely on an iPhone, it’s possible a restart will restore them if the issue is a glitch in accessing the stored database. If that doesn’t work, then its possible that restoring from local backup (assuming no iCloud backup) will do the trick, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of restoring just lost Reminders. Apple’s iPhone backup doesn’t seem to support much granularity, as far as I can tell.

If you use Reminders solely on a Mac, you can check ~/Library/Reminders and see if there are any files and folders there. I believe that Reminders are stored in sqlite database files somewhere within this folder, but beyond that, I don’t know. If there are files in that folder, it could be a Reminders application glitch that may be cleared up with a restart or a safe boot.

If there are no files there, i.e. your Reminders data somehow got lost from your drive, you could restore them from your backups, if you have them, but before doing so, I’d recommend at least a Disk Utility > First Aid scan of your drive to check its health. Lost files that you can be sure you didn’t accidentally delete yourself may – worst case – be a symptom of drive or filesystem failure.

I hope this helps at least a little.


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Hey Lab. Thanks for the input. I use Reminders on an iPhone. I also have an iPad but only use the iPad for reading the morning paper. When I upgraded to the iPhone 13 last year I was basically forced into paying extra for more iCloud so yes I realize I’m using iCloud. I’ve logged onto iCloud and can find my Reminders so they are still available just not on my iPhone.

Some of the Google research I’ve done said something about sharing Reminders. I gave the boss access to my Reminders but she could care less and doesn’t use that feature. I’ve gone into setup and removed her access (at least I think I did). It has something to do with syncing.

I’m kind of a belt and suspenders guy and have all my doctor appointments, hair cut appointments, lunch’s and that sort of stuff on both my Calendar and in my Reminders. I like having them in Reminders since it places all my appointments on one page so I can see into the future so to speak.

Like you since I can see them on iCloud there’s got to be a way to get them back on my iPhone. Just wish Apple would stop screwing around with things.

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There’s a setting for that:

Hey Bjurasz. Thanks but my little switch next to Reminders in Apps using iCloud is already turned on.

It’s got to be something else that Apple jacked with.

Actually, there are a few settings. Maybe try this?

(incl. the part about the cellular data switch set on for Reminders)

and/or this:

If still no success, Apple Store?

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Mr. Fungi. Thank you very, very much. The first tip did the trick. While it was somewhat lengthy if you follow all the steps you will get your Reminders back.

I’ll be darned as to why Apple decided I didn’t need them in the first place. Ain’t Apple got nothing better to do?

Anyway thank you very much. If you are ever in Houston I’ll buy you a Miller Lite.

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