When will Saudi Arabia try to unseat Putin?

Putin does not get to decide. Yes he can possibly maybe pump more if he has the wells.

The western cartel decides. The problem is our guys in the US, Canada and a few others elsewhere need a decent price.

For that reason I think Russia’s $60 bbl price to India and China might fluctuate but basically hold.

We’d need to know if Putin has more capacity. I doubt it. As for Yahoo? That video on the link at this hour leading off with BTC was dumb money stuff.

I don’t thin Saudi Arabia has much of an army. Yes, they can play with prices and make life more difficult in Russia. Praying for unrest to unseat Putin.

Otherwise they would be far more likely to use their oil money to hire mercenaries to do their military bidding. Likely to succeed? And who would do the fighting? Are the Hessians used by the British in America still available?

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They don’t. As was explained to me once in the book “Twilight in the Desert”, the Saudi military protects the Kingdom from their own citizens, whereas the American military protects the Kingdom from outsiders.


…and minorities…in the US…unfortunately…