Which to buy on dip?

Hi Saul,

I have been following you for a few years, this is my first. Curious to know which of your holdings you are most excited to add to during today’s dip, or if you feel equally about all of them.

Thank you!



I meant to say “this is my first post.” But I cannot figure out how to edit my post.

Not Saul but I added to LVGO at ~$48 today.


No Saul,

But I’m doing nothing. Unless That which I have more conviction in goes down more than another, there’s nothing to do. That’s just good rebalancing.

If however I believe there will be a sustained down turn in general, where all the share prices drop, then I sell those I have at less conviction (less proportion of my portfolio) and consolidate into those that I have the most conviction will sustain their value.

That may be word for word what I’ve read Saul say; but, writing it out helps me stick to it.



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What companies do you think are good to add on the dip? while we wait for Saul :slight_smile:

For me, AYX is top of my list but I already have big position. There is alot of “analysts” saying wait and don’t invest in it yet… But that has never worked for me. It is always difficult to know when to buy back in.

Here is a link to Bert

It was posted on premium board AYX and I stated in same thread

" ‘The case to own the shares relates to the strong position the company has within its market space, the rapid growth of the space and the ability the company has shown to pivot its selling motio’ --quote from Bert.

That sentence sums it up for me and in general is the Foolish way to invest. Let the talking heads speak about macro stuff."

Also DDOG and CRWD look good to me also.

And a stock not mentioned that much and not a Saul stock is STNE. They just jumped on earnings so not on dip. But they had previously been hammered due to Covid and South America.

Just my take on things,


I added very small amounts to DDOG, and ESTC today. I am slowly building up my SaaS holdings because I have relatively small positions in them right now. I’m putting in a little bit more each week - trying to do it on down days like today.

Similar to someone else that posted, I think markets could fall a lot further, so I’m entering slowly over time.

I also bought more TMDX today - but I think I may be the only one here that owns them.


I’m not sure if there will be a few more days of SaaS beatdown, but that extreme dip this AM was short-lived for some companies with some even getting back to positive today (like Fastly for example).

Not Saul, but I made a lot of sales and purchases today.

There were a few stocks that I purchased during the market drop from COVID and had good return but did not have conviction that they would be as much profitable as ones that are often discussed in this board.

I ended up selling AAPL and SQ, which were approximately 25% and 10% of my portfolio.

Then I used a third of it to purchase Fastly, which I have been interested in for months. I was in between Fastly and Cloudflare, and I ended up choosing NET. And gosh, last month was huge for Fastly, while NET seems to struggle. The explosive rise made it even harder for me to take a position in Fastly but with today’s 7% drop enticed me to take a position.

Then I used other third to buy TTD. I took a position when I first subscribed to the fool’s service two months ago and had a great return with it. However, Bert warned of its hefty valuation before its earnings call, so I made an exit. Today’s bottom was about 18% drop compared to my exit point. Given that I had nothing against the company and I am personally comfortable with my understanding of the company, I decided to take a position again.

The remaining third was somewhat distributed equally to ones that were already in my portfolio: OKTA, DDOG, and CRWD. On Datadog, it has been really impressive in my portfolio. It began is 10% of my portfolio but grew into 20% by itself. Yet, with that increase, I have been quite reluctant to buy more. (I know many in this board will flame me for this, but my instinct seems to be against buying winners). With 11% drop in this morning, I quickly jumped in.

There were other stocks that I wanted to add but could not. My work makes me unable to screen more than 10 stock in my portfolio and also I have not been able to do my homework on the stocks in the watchlist. They are:
LVGO (one that Saul recently added and many on the board have recommended)
ZM (it is very popular here and I used to own it. But as a daily user of ZM, I have a conflicting feeling about it)
MDB TWLO (ones with huge recent gains. Today’s drop made them more attractive, for a moment)
WDAY (checking it now makes me feel I should have bought it XD)


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A few days ago I was sitting on my back porch listening to the birds singing, and got to thinking how sweet my portfolio looked back on Valentine’s day, when the world was bright and full of cheer and nary a dark economic cloud lurked on the horizon. So many great stocks had hit new multi-month highs that week. Then the dark clouds gathered and the pandemic led to massive declines in the market. By April and May, many stocks made astounding recoveries, once again reaching new multi-month highs.

I ran a quick analysis on my two favorite technology sectors (Software-Application and Software-Infrastructure) looking for stocks that had hit new highs before the pandemic, dropped significantly and then hit another new high in the past few days. I do scans like this every so often when I’m screening for candidate stocks. I was surprised to see so many tickers that are mentioned on this board.

The Software-Application sector has 178 stocks, 11 of which showed up on my screening. Here’s the complete list: AYX, CRWD, ESTC, FSLY, HUBS, MDB, PS, SHOP, TWLO, WDAY, ZEN.

The Software-Infrastructure sector has 78 stocks, 9 of which showed up on my screening. Here’s that complete list: ADBE, BL, COUP, OKTA, PANW, PLAN, SPLK, VERI, WIX.

Stock screening is just the first step in my process, followed by due diligence and fundamental analysis. But it was interesting to see such a strong overlap between my initial screening and the names that are often discussed on this board.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m long AYX, COUP, CRWD, FSLY, MDB, OKTA, SHOP, TWLO and I established those positions months or years ago, before I discovered this board two weeks ago. (I bought AYX at 46 back in October 2018 and I’m still long). Imagine my surprise to see so many of my holdings being discussed so frequently, all on one board! Then I read Saul’s multi-part manifesto and couldn’t find anything that I disagreed with, and decided that I’d found a new home :slight_smile:


Not Saul, but I made a lot of sales and purchases today.

Hi Mike Lee,
Why don’t you tell us what you liked about the companies you bought besides just whether their stocks were up or down today. That way your post will be of some use to the rest of us instead of just a list of arbitrary purchases. The purpose of our board is to DISCUSS stocks after all.
Thanks in advance,


I bought more DDOG at 64.50 this morning

Hi Baconski, I see that this was your first post on our board and I want to welcome you. But our board isn’t like other boards where you just post whatever you want. Our boards has rules. It’s for discussing and analyzing high-growth companies. Other subjects are generally Off-Topic and will be deleted. Reading the Monday Morning Rules of the Board, which is posted every Sunday or Monday will be helpful to you. Posting a list of what you did yesterday morning is really off-topic. You said nothing about the companies, WHY you liked them, WHY you bought them, etc. Your post will therefore be deleted, but please continue to post with your thoughts about your companies. Best wishes,


Datadog Announces Proposed Private Offering of $550 Million of Convertible Senior Notes

Just got this info, I think they collect money now is smart move even their FCF very healthy. But this offering is private probably means someone may drop down the recent price level so the convertible price may not as high $90’s(probably below $80’s).
I think that a win win situation for both private buyers and shareholders IMO.



“I also bought more TMDX today - but I think I may be the only one here that owns them.”

You are not alone analogkid, I made a second small purchase in TMDX as well. I originally bought them at 14 and with the promising liver trial news I thought if it was a decent bet at 14, why not sub-$14.


“You are not alone analogkid, I made a second small purchase in TMDX as well. I originally bought them at 14 and with the promising liver trial news I thought if it was a decent bet at 14, why not sub-$14.”

Excelent!!! Glad to have at least one person on board.

I am working on a document (much shorter than my first) that focuses on why TMDX is a “disruptor”. It’s almost done. I hope to have it ready to post this weekend. Most people here seem to favor SaaS, but I’m hoping some will consider the case for TMDX. More to come.


Awesome, look forward to reading it!

This group and MF got me into the SAAS companies as well, but I like having diverse plays in my small but growing portfolio.

"The Software-Application sector has 178 stocks

The Software-Infrastructure sector has 78 stocks"

Is this screener a TMF screener or an outside screener ike morningstar?