Why I'm Buying More Shares of TTD

Fresh off the press, my second Fool.com article. I started this one right after earnings…so it took me a while with edits, full time job, etc.

Would love your feedback. I want to get better!



What are your thoughts on the COO departure?

After my limited investigation, He will be missed but not as much as SQ’s Sarah Friar.

Good article but it doesn’t mention the programmatic aspect which is one of their key advantages.
A brief explanation of what this is and how it works would be useful to include in subsequent articles.
I had to watch the free videos at their training site to fully understand what it is and how it works, but it was time well spent.
Cheers, PB.


What are your thoughts on the COO departure?

I could, of course, be wrong, but I see this as a non-issue. I don’t blame him for wanting to retire a very rich man and enjoy the spoils…


He is also not leaving until mid-next year. Plenty of time to transition.

I thought you did a good job.

In “growing all the right ways” paragraph my only amateur-editor comment is to avoid using same/similar word so vlose together as it can make a point sound/seem redundant. Think you used diversify and then shortly after used diversified, is the example.

Otherwise i thought it was as well done as other tmf articles, and i wouldnt have thought “this must be this writer’s first volumn” at all.

If anything, you had more info than most tmf articles i have read, and maybe it was closer to a seeking alpha article in that regard.

I posted once on an SA board and received crickets for suggesting that TMF create an SA board of general TMF board in which your entire column is posted under a new thread and title is same as your column. Idea was the author would try and make an effort to interact with any posters that replied with questions or comments about the article.

I had noticed that if i read a tmf article i liked and wanted to interact with the author it wasnt simple to do at all. I think it is currently setup for “discussion” under the article if you sign in with facebook or disqus. Seems like a completely lost opportunity to drive more value and interaction on the tmf boards and/or hype the value of premium boards.

You could give the Board a typical goofy tmf name with spins on The Post or The Daily Planet or Daily Bugle. Maybe it is simply “The Daily Fool”.



meant to post that last on npi since it goes OT…sOT…sorry.

Dreamer, thanks so much for your feedback and that great idea. I think I’m going to take you up on it. The community boards are so important to me and to others learning to invest. I want to keep it interactive.

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