WSJ: Critical Voices Emerge in Moscow

I won’t be surprised to read this good ex-colonel had an unfortunate “accident” similar to all the dying oligarchs:

WSJ Headline: As Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Stalls, Critical Voices Emerge in Moscow
WSJ Subhadline: Dissenting views challenge government narrative promoted in state-controlled media

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, commentators loyal to the Kremlin have applauded the war effort and praised the country’s military leadership. But as Russian setbacks on the battlefield have mounted, critical voices have grown louder.

In a television appearance this week, retired Col. Mikhail Khodaryonok cautioned viewers that “the situation will clearly get worse for us” in Ukraine as Western countries step up arms shipments and financial support for Kyiv.

“The most important thing for us is to hold fast to a standpoint of military and political realism,” Col. Khodaryonok said. “If you lose that, then history will hit you so hard, you won’t know what happened.”

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