Zoom selects Oracle for infrastructure

Saw this earlier today that Zoom selected Oracle as their cloud infrastructure provider.

A shocking stat from the story: “Oracle said Zoom Video is already transferring upwards of seven petabytes through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure servers each day, roughly equivalent to 93 years of high-definition video.”

Each day. Wow.



ORCL is late to the cloud game and perhaps trying to catch up with some market share. So maybe they will offer a better arrangement for ZM. ZM is a good opportunity for ORCL to grow their cloud presence with a new name brand. ZM probably migrated quickly leveraging the hard metal server option where they pay monthly rate for each machine, but then scale pay for use basis for the floating demand. Hard metal would allow ZM to be cloud service agnostic as they are not tied to proprietary services, infrastructure, or APIs. Let’s hope they went this route. ORCL cloud has good security control over where your data lives (or in this case video record). The only small concern is that ORCL like AMZN will bleed you for as much as they can. So ZM needs to closely monitor their resource usage against charges.



This explains Ellison’s glowing recommendation of Zoom as previously reported here.