Aj485, or any of you other brilliant tax strategies posters

…find your way here yet?

BL Home Fool
(and beneficiary of much good advive from this board


I was wondering the same thing. This board was very active and the advice was sooo good.
Hopefully everyone will find their way here soon.

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I have.

Even managing to navigate this mess.

I checked aj’s profile, and she’s made a couple of posts here on the new boards, but none lately. In the back of my mind, she’s a FL resident, but I could be wrong on that. I could be thinking of someone else.

–Peter <== not a fan of the new boards, but learning his way around


I hear ya brother. This is going to take awhile learning how things are organized. Used to be somewhat logical but now it’s a guessing game.

I’m here too. Also not a fan.



In the back of my mind, she’s a FL resident, but I could be wrong on that.

Sorry, you’re wrong. In fact, I could only be about 100 miles further from FL and still be in the lower 48. That would occur if I were out at Neah Bay, WA, instead of near Port Angeles.

No hurricanes here, but we do get some nasty windstorms and have the Cascadia subduction earthquake to look forward to.


  • hoping that IAN didn’t pick up a lot of strength over the Atlantic before it hits the Carolinas and beyond.

Have you given up on the Discord? You were there for a bit. I think the structure there is better than here. There is still the occasional retirement post there.

Not the first time I’ve been wrong. Probably won’t be the last, either. :grinning:


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Have you given up on the Discord?

Yeah, never really took the time to figure that format out.


IMHO, it’s easier than the new TMF. Similar editing capabilities on the two platforms. Easier to track what you want on the Discord.

I found Discord nearly unusable. Gave up on it long ago. It’s just one long stream of consciousness. Probably fine if a bunch of gamers want to chat while gaming. Completely useless for multithreaded discussion of topics.


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Yeah, they don’t do threads well. They do offer it, but it’s sometimes hard to follow.

The financial stuff (e.g. retirement) isn’t bad because you don’t usually get six questions at once. Someone brings up something, people comment, and move on. The political boards are more active, and several lines of thought can occur at one time.

OK. Found my way here. I searched for “tax Strategies.” It used to be one of my favorite boards. Is there some way to get here, without me searching for “tax strategies?” I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why the Fool would change their boards for the worse… so sad. Oh wait. Are they not “boards” anymore? Are they “topics” now?? And if someone is replying to this post of mine - how do I find it again? We used to be able to check some box that said “send this reply to the orginal poster also.” Does that still exist?? If so, please send your replies to me… somehow… thanks. --Footsox


The most useful assistance I found was provided by someone who has provided great advice on the “Tax Strategies” board - PTheland, and requires adjusting to new terms–

If you click on the Fools hat top left, Tax Strategies is under Financial Strategies.