AMD to double EPYC production

I’m not sure if I’m reading it correctly. Forrest Norrod says “And just to be clear, we are planning for doubling year-on-year over time.” in response to the question of why AMD is still having issues with sourcing advanced substrates. Am I to understand it as AMD planning to double EPYC production rate in 2023? What do you think?


That is what I understand Brian and they have their sites set on the GPU market replacing NVDA.


@buynholdisdead I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think he was referring to doubling production on the substrates that are the bottleneck for Epyc production (and probably for production of other components as well).

The principal gate for us is not wafers. Particularly for these Epyc chips, it’s advanced substrates. And there’s just a long lead time to build up the factories and increase capacity for those substrates. We have made major investments and I think we are ramping that capacity at a very steep but prudent rate… And just to be clear, we are planning for doubling year-on-year over time.

Granted, that should open up room for expanded Epyc production but I don’t know if that translates immediately into a doubling of Epyc volumes. Some of that may go to GPUs, some to other components… I assume this substrate is generally key to building using the chiplet approach overall. And it isn’t clear that that doubling will be achieved in the coming year – “planning for doubling year on year over time” suggests that a future goal is getting to a curve where capacity doubles yearly. So… still sounds great to me :slight_smile: but one step at a time.