...and the war gets a little wider

In case you missed it, the US still has troops in Syria and Iraq. Some folks have taken some pot shots at the US bases, due to the US’ full throated support for Israel.

So, now the US has bombed two Islamic boogyman concentrations in Syria.

Why are they boogyman?

I was channeling the anti-Muslim hysteria of the early 2000s, as the US seems headed in that direction again.


In Cartagena, Colombia, “El Drake” is the Bogeyman.

The Captain


Leap, it is something Steve likes to do.


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Pushback is useful.
“The statement said the facilities have been used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups.”



The official Shiny narrative, every time a Muslim did something, was that the perp was part of the “global Islamic conspiracy to kill white Christian people”. Every time a white guy did exactly the same thing, he was dismissed as a “disturbed individual”, in spite of abundant evidence he was a white supremacist. The media was finally called out about the way they spun mass shootings, depending on the race and religion of the perp, after Dylann Roof shot up a church.

Noticing the similarity in how anything done by a Muslim was spun as a part of a monolithic Muslim conspiracy had distinct echos of the Commie hysteria of the 50s and early 60s, where every rebel was spun as part of a monolithic Communist conspiracy.

So, the narrative of the “Godless Commie”, inspired the narrative of the “Islamic boogyman”.

The bogeyman also spelled or known as bogyman, bogey, Bogeyman, in North American English, also boogeyman is a mythical creature used by adults to frighten children


I reject that but not as much as I reject any religious group making any decisions for anyone.

The difference is that most Muslims and the rest of us are not trying to use religion to make decisions for anyone else. Most of us get that.

Ok, but who are the people promoting Jihad? Probably a conservative Muslim faction. Religious support or leadership suspected.

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Muslim’s believe in Jihad as you do. Meaning we grow up and struggling internally. That is Jihad. The use you mean is not really anything but warmongering. It is an abuse of the religion. Nothing new to any religion.

Of course its the “kill all non-Muslims” movement that concerns us. Osama Binladen brought it to us on 911. It can also be behind the attack on Israel.

When both sides decide to live in peace, we can have peace. Where hatred or kill them all persists we continue to have problems. Not much we can do about it but defend ourselves and our friends.

It is tempting to fight back and try to eliminate the oppostion. Can that be done short of genocide?

Israel left Gaza hoping they would decide to do better on their own. Instead they decided to elect Hamas and Hamas decided to go to war. Do the Palestinians deserve a second chance to decide? Or will they continue to make war (and blame someone else)?


There is plenty of truth in that but not for most Muslims. Most Muslims are not involved with that. Most Muslims are not even sympathetic to that stuff.

Kampf also means struggle. Just sayin’


The point is we have a limited target. We do not have the faith as a target. In fact regardless of Hamas’s religious claims that is not the problem.

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