Apple Den

Like a few people who used to post on the Apple User Board, I have joined the Discord world - While poking around I found there is a place there called Apple Den — and it is just what the name implies. I found the joining process a bit opaque – but eventually got “verified”.

If anybody from the Apple User Group (now closed) is looking for some links or whatever on the Apple Den, I suggest you reply to this post via TMF’s system that sends an email to me. I am not going to follow replies to this post on TMF – hence my suggestion of an email.

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This link may work

I’ve been using Discord for a few months now (not for Apple). I think the issue is, your question/issue may get missed by chat flying by. In a board setting, posts move down at a slower pace. You can ask the question then come back in awhile later. In the Discord, you pretty much need someone with knowledge to be there to discuss or help.

It is better than nothing but I think it was shortsighted for TMF to close the Apple Users Group board.

There is always Macrummors forums?


I’ve been using Discord for a few months now (not for Apple).

I tend to ask Google about computer stuff and more often than not I get the answers I need but seldom two way conversations.

Denny Schlesinger