CLOSED Apple Board?

Today was DefCon 1 I guess. But why is Apple iOS “Closed” and this one open?



All the Apple Support boards, WatchOS, iOS and Users closed up, leaving only the APPL board… Made no sense earlier when it was brought up, nor now…

It cut my personal favorites to 1/3 of the old days…

Customize to remove 'em all, it was the live interactions that mattered, so many good folks over many, many years…

A sad day at TMF…


I asked TMF several times why close the Apple board and leave this HWTSC - after all aren’t they both computers? Likewise those other brands as well, what about Androids and others?

Looks like a lousy, arbitrary decision! Didn’t expect that of TMF - yes, I know its their sandbox, however, we were informed by a TMFer that the boards wouldn’t close until “sometime” this summer - terribly slimy decision and extremely disappointed in the total lack of transparency! Shame on TMF and their handlers…

So it looks like we, Apple users, will be frequenting this board for “computer” help. Hope you would welcome us.



I kind of expected this. Macs are computers, Android devices are computers, Chromebooks are computers, iOS devices are computers, Linux boxes are computers, surely they are all the same?


Spreadsheet Advice, which is somewhat more specialized but has at least some common ground, also went away. It’s about stuff on our computers…

Yeah, I suspect we’re supposed to all happily merge into a single board… and quite a lot of us won’t.

(Anybody care to guess how long the closed boards will remain available and locked? And will they be unlocked, or will they just go away?)

So it looks like we, Apple users, will be frequenting this board for “computer” help. Hope you would welcome us.

If Apple users with answers are here when Apple users with questions post them I’m confident it will work.

Be warned, however, that at least some Apple users have decided that they will use the Apple board that has long existed for discussing Apple as an investment. So you might want to keep an eye that one too.


I think we’ll all, eventually adjust, I’m upset the Apple User board was closed, there were old timers that would swing by, help others from time to time, and in some cases way above my hobbyist level of knowledge. HWTSC was a huge help to myself way, way back with my playing sneaker net to chase the tools, information from here on my Mac on a floppy to the old Sony or HP PC that was in trouble from an attack or virus that slipped in and no recent recovery point ever being set. (never even knew of that ability at the time)

Anyway, lots of good, patient folks helping others was and remains the intent whether over at Apple or here, or the other remaining boards…

As our family grew, I’d converted most to Macs, but there remains a few resistant Win & Android users, we all have mellowed, so no more food fights… :slight_smile:


So it looks like we, Apple users, will be frequenting this board for “computer” help. Hope you would welcome us.

You are welcome. While I don’t have a Mac, I do have an iPad and iPhone. You never know. Maybe your discussions will convince me to buy a Mac.


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