Confusing as hell but found METaR!

Hello METaR! :heart:

I found you! :eyeglasses:

Confusing as hell! :jack_o_lantern:

Will keep trying. :dog:

The Captain


Well, I just found the “like” thing, so I’m one up on my navigation skills from yesterday.

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Sure is. Will be a definite challenge to my cognitive function. First post on the new site on my cellphone…hardly worth the effort for such a minimal contribution.

Will be a definite challenge to my cognitive function.

Great! That’s why we’re all here - to learn and grow :wink:
Much success in navigating the new platform - I’m sure you’ll be fine soon!!

— also expanding my cognitive function!! :crazy_face:

Confusing as hell is a great understatement. I do not like the new format, if that is what you call it. But this old dog will try to learn a few new tricks.

Bold of me

My son’s dog 2 days after the new baby came home. LOL

Everyone’s exhausted, but full of joy.



Is this METaR? I’m on the younger side on the board and just as confused as the old-timers. Your disorientation is not age-related, this new format is frustrating to get used to.

-Long-timer lurker and occasional poster

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Am I one of the few who really, really likes the new boards?


The ducks are swimming well. The whales be like sinking.

There are computer experts who can not manage this. LOL It really is easy. But it is new.



Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, and Yes.

All the additional yes’s are required to reach the 20 character minimum. Another reason the new boards annoy.


Just for fun/curiosity, I suggest you try the experience of a visually impaired user to help you build empathy towards other people - because everyone has different abilities in terms of vision, dexterity with a mouse, confidence with computers, cognitive ability, concentration & being overwhelmed by visual stimulus or visual interface complexity.

Here’s what to try:

Install a screen reader on your computer to speak the pages to you, and open one browser with the old site, and one browser with the new one. Turn off the screen, use the keyboard to navigate. See how you get on.

More generally, a lack of empathy for the challenges others may be experiencing - even mocking them for it - is not an admirable quality in any person.

Hopefully a half hour in a screen reader will give some insight into how others may feel about the new interface.


There’s a 20 character minimum?


You are harassing me at this point. I have heard you. I am ignoring your take on sinking and complaining on the way down. You are not helping anyone. Start explaining how this works to others. I have been doing just that.

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One thing I like about the threaded format is that it can be very fast to scan a thread when one is unsure whether it is of interest.