Dad is Increasingly Frail

Dad has an Alexa device that we use to chat. The past several times I’ve dropped in on him it’s been obvious he’s increasingly frail and forgetful.

He’s either lost his glasses, his phone, or something else. He no longer walks using his walker but scoots around in a wheelchair. He doesn’t see Mom every day.

Time marches on.



Don’t you just wish we could skip this whole aging issue?
I am sorry that your dad is becoming more frail. I am glad
that you are able to converse with Alexa. Time does march
on but that doesn’t mean we don’t grieve for the past when
things seemed to work as they should.

Thinking about you and how you will navigate this journey
with your dad and mom.



It’s so painful watching your loved one deteriorate, and knowing what is inevitable.


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