Disappointed that I can't find my profile page

I appreciate the new look and feel of the discussion boards. I am disappointed that the profile I spent time and effort to create seems to have disappeared.

Hoping I am just looking in the wrong places :sweat:

Fool on.

Click on the circle CB next to your name and then the summary tab. You’ll find lots there.

Thanks for the tip - I see some of my contributions to the community boards in there.


This was my old page. I am a little sad that the profile information I filled it with may not have carried over into this improved forum.

Hi @colebarcia,

This platform has 2 separate profiles:

  • One for the Public boards.
  • One for the Premium boards.

There is a text box that gives you 3,000 characters to present what you want.

Here are my 2 profiles. Click “Expand” to read the text.



As you may have noticed, you can use bolding, tables and all the other formatting things this system offers.

Does that help you?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page
https://community.fool.com/u/gdett2/activity (Click Expand)

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