Email trouble..Dotmac vs Outlook

Alas, I’m stumped… Likely have to call Apple tomorrow…

I use MS Outlook as my email client, multiple accounts, .comcast, .gmail, .pacbell, and finally .mac… I can’t find a solid way to reset the password, it’s not the same as my AppleID password, which gave me fits earlier in the day, OK now.

My Google searches keep confusing it with AppleID, so no help there… Aghhh…


Since you are using MS Outlook you need to reset your Microsoft password. All the other email accounts are linked through it.


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OK, it’s fixed, I Deleted the errant dotmac Account, re-input my .mac email address, then had a bit of round and round, until finally I had to go to iCloud and generate an App Specific Password, which after some more roundabouts, actually happened, and it, in turn, once out into the Outlook Account, made it work again…

So my old thought of Delete/Add worked, just a bit messy as to what password they were asking for, in the end the AppleID password from yesterday is what it was looking for, Whew!

Thanks to all for looking into this, normally we only have to mess with it once and done.