#FloridaMan of the Week Nominee: Stan McClain, Come On Down! + #FloridaManWannabe From New Jersey

You think it can’t get stupider, and #FloridaMan comes through with some new craziness . . .

A Florida Republican wants to dramatically curb sex education in public schools—to the point that he’s introduced a bill that would even prevent young girls from talking about their periods with school officials.

The bill, introduced by state Rep. Stan McClain, would only allow teachers to impart material and instruction on sexually transmitted diseases, health education, or human sexuality “in grades 6 through 12,” according to the legislation, which came up in a subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. During that hearing, Democratic state Rep. Ashley Gantt pointed out that this language could have some far-reaching implications.

“Does this bill prohibit conversations about menstrual cycles?” Gantt asked. “Because we know that typically the ages are between 10 and 15 so if little girls experience their menstrual cycle in fifth grade or fourth grade will that prohibit conversations from them, since they are in the grade lower than sixth grade?”

“It would,” McClain replied.


bringing the Stone Ages of the Middle East to the USA, all courtesy of the new American Taliban.
( can’t say I’m surprised )

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Got a New Jersey guy who I am nominating as “Honrorary” #FloridaMan. The subheadline is the money quote for this article:

Headline: # 4Chan Troll Living With His Mom Arrested for Threatening Anti-Na zi Sheriff

Subheadline: A 38-year-old man, who lives with his mom, allegedly posted an anonymous threat against America’s favorite anti-Na zi sheriff, Mike Chitwood, on 4Chan.

Wait, wait, wait. Dear old mom wins for the best money quote in this one paragraph:

Police arrested Richard Golden, 38, earlier this week for allegedly making an online threat to kill Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood on March 1. Golden was arrested out of his mother’s South Brunswick, New Jersey, home and had his computer and electronic devices seized from his bedroom, which his mother described to police as smelling like “like f*cking gym locker,” in body camera video of his arrest. :rofl:

He’ll extradite to Florida. Hell yeah. Let’s hope the judge is like this sheriff.

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