FOMO zen?

Have I achieved FOMO zen?
Have I finally matured?
Have I mastered the emotional control over my investment strategies and the market whims?

Probably not.

But I am surprisingly chill right now. Looks like a Bear Market Rally finally did kick in.
I regret not riding mid-June prices, but still don’t believe this is the last we have seen of the lows.

Conversely, we haven’t gone up quite so high that I am ready to short indexes or stocks (Yet).

Prior to covid kind of upending things, the Summers seemed to be strong before challenging Falls/Winters, like in 2018 and 2019.

So enjoy the PTO folks. Trade if you gotta. Invest if you must.
Don’t follow random people on the internet, and take some self-responsibility.

I think (hope?) I will know my entries when I see them. Right now all I can see is Summer sunshine and beaches.



The KC is here, FOMO is in its cage, screaming to be let out.

Up to me keister in This Old House, about a dozen people working on three different projects while I laugh/cry, looking at the building plans, trying to find any relationships among the plans and the actuals.

Zig-zagged on UPST again. Been selling calls and doing well. Right now I have July 22 calls at $27.50, %28, $29, and $30. I have been reducing UPST (ugh!) the last week +, 6 times at average $28.

Buying small amounts of stuff:

CRWD at $182 and $177
DOCS at $42
DDOG at $105
GLBE at $24
ZS at $151
MNDY at $88

Of course, wishing had bought more.

60% cash.

Crew leaders wanting my attention, 'bye,