How can I best track my portfolio v index

Hi Fools,

I am looking for a good portfolio tracking tool that will allow me to record all my investments and compare them to the various indices (S&P500, MSCI World Index, etc)over time.

A few info items

  • I have a combination of individual shares, funds and cash instruments
  • My investments are both in the US and overseas
  • I add money regularly to buy additional shares, units of funds
  • Holdings are with several different brokerages

I have really struggled find a tool that will accurately allow me to compare how I am doing vs the index. Does anyone have any recommendations?



Charts on Yahoo Finance make it easy to compare share prices with indexes for various time periods. But they don’t include dividends or other distributions.

CAPs on TMF gives daily comparisons vs indexes.

Fidelity has charts like that for holdings in their accounts. Other brokers probably have similar charts.

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Thanks Paul. Trying to find a tool that will give a single view across a number of accounts/portfolios. Will try out Yahoo finance but hoping to find something comprehensive.

Happy Fooliversary KraftJam,

You might consider looking at the Google Sheets based portfolio tracker that Brian Withers (TMFbwithbike) created and shared with members –…

It is setup to compare against the S&P 500. That might be at least a first step. Since it is based on Google Sheets, you will have the ability to modify it to suit your needs within that framework.


Thanks Vicki,

I will have a look at that. I also found the company Sharesight ( who run a portfolio tracker that does weighted-average returns and handles dividends, etc. Do you know if any Fools have experience with this service?