How can I block a poster who has blocked their profile?

And how can I find a list of the posters I have already blocked.


I’m doing this from memory, but I think you:

  • click on the circle with your icon (upper right corner on iPad)

  • click on the icon of the “head & shoulders” (little person)

  • click on Preferences

  • click on Users

  • now you have to add the user to the ‘ignored’ list manually, by typing their name into the space which receives the text. (Oddly not outlined at least on my iPad).

  • and finally, SAVE. This option is often hidden under a layer of other gobblety guke [misspelled to defeat nanny], so you may have to scroll the page up or down to find it.

  • Yeah, great design, I know.

(Your list of other ignored posters should be right there, IIRC>)


Of course, the app doesn’t really ignore them for you.
All of their posts still show up with ‘ignored content’ placeholder instead of the real content.
They also show up in the count of new and unread posts.
Their replies show as ‘hidden replies’ and you have to scroll past them to get the count updated.
And their replies are available by clicking on the ‘hidden replies’ text.

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Just like the old boards did…