How can I untrack something

How can I UNtrack something? On the old site I had 2 stocks in my favorite boards. That is the ONLY stocks that I want to see. Now the “Tracked” shows dozens of stocks that I do not want to see at all. Those are just cluttering up my screen. How can I get rid of everything except what I want to see?


Hi @Rayvt

You can untrack by removing them in your preferences. Go to this link:

On the left side, you’ll see a section called Notifications with three sections - Categories, Tags and Users…click through each and adjust as you want - adding and removing - then click save and it’s set.

You are tracking the Stocks A to Z category which will effectively mean you are tracking all stocks, this might be an error with our data migration, let me check. For now you can just untrack that.

This doesn’t appear to be a data migration issue, maybe you mis-clicked this?

Actually @Rayvt I looked again and I think this may be an issue with our data migration after all, but something we should be able to easily fix. Thanks for pointing this out!

Many boards that I never followed were showing up in my feed. METAR, for one example. I’ve been Muting using the Bell. Not sure if that makes sense, but this is all a Grand Experiment of sorts, have to try things.

Go to this link and just untrack anything you don’t want to track:

I checked the old system and you actually had 39 favorite boards that were migrated so what’s being displayed there is accurate based on the data in our database. You may not have realized that you had so many favorites because the old system was so siloed. If you’re curious you can see your favorites on the old system here:

Thanks for looking into it! I knew I had a lot of deadwood, inactive boards. But I never followed METAR, and I was seeing METAR messages. I’m not going to obsess over such things, I was just surprised to see it show up at all.