Logging On To Fidelity.com

Are others experiencing trouble logging on to www.fidelity.com? For years I could enter my logon ID and password and log on with no issues. For the last couple of months I have been having to wait for a couple of minutes with the home screen goes to a second page where you are given the opportunity to enter your logon ID and password. Also in the meantime the web address changes from www.fidelity.com to www.digital.fidelity.com.

It’s as if Fidelity needs a good old fashioned soapy enema. Any thoughts on how I can speed up access to my accounts. I prefer using my desktop vs my iPhone.

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The shortcut (bookmark) I have in my browser takes me directly to the login without delay. It is the only way I get to Fidelity with my browser so I have not seen the delays you describe coming from elsewhere on their site.


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None since I got my new iMac. I was running an outdated iMac until 2 months ago had occasionally had issues logging in, etc.,. The issues were delay/lag time, never in getting things done.

So my first question, is your browser/computer up to date?

Thanks RH. I clicked on your provided link and waited for the spinning wheel to finish (took more than a minute) and finally was presented with the little boxes for logon ID and password. I booked marked it for future use.

I appreciate your help. It’s a shame we have to do it that way but that’s life in the big city I guess.

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Hey JC. I guess so. Using Chrome v. 110.0.5481.78 and Win 11. Who knows.

For what it is worth, I’m using Firefox, also Windows 11, with a pretty fast internet connection.

I was thinking about giving Bing a try but I guess I could download Firefox and give it a try.

FWIW, I absolutely love Firefox. YMMV.