M&A Candidate

A large number of successful starup companies are eventually bought out. From the universe this board follows, who are possible takeover candidates. Please note, you may not like your favorite company to be taken out of your hands during the growth phase, but consider it is a possibility and mention it.


I’ll toss out a few that I’ve considered as possible takeover/buy-out targets, not all of which are ‘regulars’ on this board, and their possible “suitors”:

Pure Storage (PSTG) – Dell or NetApp or HPE would be the most likely; heck, even IBM is possible, or (shudder) Oracle
XPO Logistics (XPO) – Amazon’s been floated before; Wal-Mart maybe? Or FedEx or UPS?
Check Point Software (CHKP) – many others that CHKP could fit or join with, including Symantec, FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, etc.
Abiomed (ABMD) (I think very unlikely, but possible) – a larger medical conglomerate like Medtronic (which I think is where ABMD started) or Becton Dickinson
Alteryx (AYX) – Tableau could buy them out, or another big data player like HortonWorks or Cloudera
Okta (OKTA) – might fit nicely with another security outfit like the ones listed next to CHKP above
Shopify (SHOP) – Adobe could buy this one, too, if their recent acquisition doesn’t work out; or they could get Amazon’d.

Lots of massive speculation there, and likely zero% of it comes true, but you asked. :slight_smile:


Pure Storage (PSTG)

Oracle is getting out of hardware business. They have stopped investing in SPARC and they will only sustain support and most of their hardware will be engineered systems and supporting cloud. So I am not sure they have any use for Pure. Same goes for IBM.

Alteryx (AYX)

The marketcap will not allow HDP or CLDR take out. In fact, I was expecting HDP will be taken out but so far it had not happened and the price has more than doubled in the meantime.

Okta (OKTA)

I missed this one is a bummer. The stock price are rallying so hard, it is making it difficult to chase. What I heard is the management is not interested in selling. They got few serious offers pre-ipo.


I guess I should have defined my “possible” wording better as being “possible good matches.” None of my list takes into account whether the buyee actually WANTED to be acquired by the buyer… Was just thinking of possible synergies in the marketplace and where one company’s addition to another might fill a current gap, open another market, etc.

And they can always go the other way as well – Alteryx could acquire Cloudera, for example, to put a ‘hardware-ish’ piece underneath their analytics (the Hadoop big data management piece being what I’m referring to, not actual hardware sales) and deliver an all-encompassing data management package beyond just the analytics.