OT: The reason I haven't been posting to TMF

I’m glad that I have more than one computer, that I know how to use VirtualBox, and that I am a Linux user. If I have difficulty with something, I can try it out on a different physical machine, or I can create a virtual machine on the same machine. As a Linux user, I can try out several different distros.

Having all these options helps with the troubleshooting process. If the problem is specific to my normal setup on my normal machine, then I know that my setup is somehow messed up.

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Jeff, welcome back.
Reading your post got me to checking my browsers. I logged in with Edge, FF, and Brave no problems. I’m on Windows 10. Everything up to date. I used fool.com for log in and no problems. I’m thinking there is something wrong on your OS/browser vs it being a fool problem. You could uninstall reboot reinstall Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I agree its strange that Tor browser gets you in but the main browsers don’t. Good luck troubleshooting this. I will research this too…doc


Jeff -

My 2 cents from a fellow IT guy - I think it’s your VPN configuration which affects your network link and messes with TMF web servers. Have you tried disabling / uninstalling your VPN app?



Tor might be working “around” the security in your router, or even in your OS. It has options to do “bounces” for added security, maybe the “bounce” process goes around whatever is stopping the other browsers. Most likely it’s some security setting that you use in your browsers or your PCs that most other people don’t use.

38 that or he has a certain security software app he is using on his machines and their firewall has the fool as off limits. A mistake in setting things.

If I go to Starbucks I have to turn off my VPN for a few minutes to setup my SB connection. That is different than not getting onto the Fool.