Over There!

Well the market gave me an opportunity today to re-enter all the dang TBs I sold yesterday: For some reason I hesitated. Then I quit hesitating and just didn’t. And I can never quite figure out the symmetry between the whole hesitating and being lost thing and/or the haste makes waste thing. There has to be some sort of a happy medium in there somewhere.

So why did I hesitate today? I mean - the rules I have for myself are pretty simple albeit, to be fair, they are not rules as such - but more likes semi-firm guidelines. But…the market did seem just right for re-igniting all the Starter TBs - well…a few of them anyway as well as UPST. But the real reason I hesitated is that somewhere in the back of my mind I feel as though the market will sell-off a bit more and still has not regained its normal ebb and flow…up and down and back again but always with a long term uptrend. So theres that to contend with.

Oh - sold SNOW today. Down to the STARTERS and UPST and thats it. If we are down tomorrow to any significant degree I will probably buy it back. But maybe not because this market perhaps isn’t quite ready to do the right thing. To quit it’s stumbling around in the dark and find its true north. One thing is for sure though - when it does there are a lot of worthwhile targets out there - a whole dang banquet out there - which is just the opposite of the slim pickens when the market was all peaked out.


All the Best,

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