Power Friday! (So Far)

Great continuation of the Relief Rally - Growth Investors:


Rolled everyone on the roster back to normal allocations.

The portfolio is now nicely positive for the month.

All the Best,


Rolled everyone on the roster back to normal allocations

A week late, no?

Now, if we could have 10 more weeks like this, I would be happy along with the rest of this crowd.

Saludos boludos,


That would be much too easy on us and much better than most of us deserve. Besides - the stock gods are probably not thru with us just yet.

I did read the thoughts of one of the guys my wife follows for our income port and he believes that Growth might run for a few weeks before giving way value once again. Opposite him - another of the guys I follow says there could be indications that the bottom may have already been put in; albeit, he doesn’t really say what those indications might be. It’s all very confusing but the futures appear to be weakening and the market never moves a straight line for very long.

For now - the only thing I am sure of is that for now 12,500 or so is the bottom until its not.

So for me its: Wyrd bio ful araed! But that could just be southern peasant fatalism.

All the Best,