Too Many Requests

Why do I get the notice below while I’m trying to research investments? It happens repeatedly and last for a while, preventing any pages to load.

“ Too Many Requests to the site - Fastly Edge Rate Limiting “

What site are you going to that renders this error msg? TMF? Others? Please be specific…

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Their web site is having problems. Either some hardware/network failure limiting the number of visitors they can handle, or they are getting deluged with requests–and it is more than they can handle.

It could also be a DDOS attack (trying to shut them down), but rather unlikely. Larger network servers are usually programmed to identify such attacks and stop the requests before they become a problem.

…and a 6YO thread was revived @ ItF about this. I suspect staff will be on it shortly.

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has been happening to me lately as well, I believe for the past 3-4 weeks. very annoying. Any workarounds would be appreciated