Very Good News for Ukraine Forces in Donbas

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This is very good news for Ukrainian forces in Donbas:

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Jack Detsch
· 18h
Pentagon update on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Day 75:

:us: has NOW trained 310 :ukraine: troops on M777 howitzers
:us: has sent 85 of 90 howitzers to :ukraine:
:us: assesses :ru: has made “no significant progress” in Donbas
:us: believes some :ru: troops are not obeying orders

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The American ultralight M77 155mm howitzer is constructed from a titanium/aluminum alloy. These ultralight 7,500 LB digitally controlled howitzers enable a speedy 6-minute setup by an 8 man crew:

Throughout the past 3-4 weeks I was constantly amazed at the delivery of these M777 howitzers to Ukraine. I was not aware, until a few days ago, that these modern artillery pieces with longer tubes than the 155mm howitzers of old are even much, much lighter.

I shake my head these howitzers are only 7,500 pounds and allow for a speedy setup and breakdown of only 6-minutes after zeroing in on Russian positions and striking them with digitally controlled settings.

I was trained on the extremely heavy 105mm and 155mm howitzers during Vietnam (also the first mechanized 155mm howitzers) before I became a Casualty Clerk. The precursor of these M777s howitzers required a crew of six (2 less than the crew of 8 needed for this M777) but the setup and breakdown took a good 20 minutes. Also, the settings were manually performed with analog clicks by knobs and cranks which added more crucial time to zeroing in on targets. Using manual controls, hitting targets was not as precise as today’s M77 with co-ordinates you tap in digitally.

All in all, this is the most modern towed artillery piece anywhere. And Ukraine is already using the M777s to destroy Russian ordinance in the Donbas where they are taking back territory Northeast of Kharkiv.

p.s. I have yet to read of rocket-propelled “smart” 155mm munitions which these modern howitzers can throw, but if Putin keeps pushing his luck, I’m sure they will make their presence known in the Donbas region soon enough.

Peregrine Trader
554) #StandWithUkraine #ArmUkraineNow #DefeatPutin
Britain would support and provide assistance to Poland or any other central or eastern European country willing to supply Russian-designed jet fighters to Ukraine, the defence secretary has said.

UK would support countries willing to supply Russian-designed jets to Ukraine
Ben Wallace says Britain would ‘stand by any country who makes that choice’

Peregrine Trader

555) #StandWithUkraine #ArmUkraineNow #DefeatPutin

Ukraine is on the march and taking back territory Russia once held in Donbas.
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Illia Ponomarenko :ukraine:
· 2h
Yet another success as Ukraine’s military go on liberating territories northeast of Kharkiv.
I think we indeed should expect our troops to come up to the Russian border in the coming days.
6:50 AM · May 10, 2022·Twitter Web App
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Peregrine Trader
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556) #StandWithUkraine #ArmUkraineNow #DefeatPutin

The American ultralight M777 155mm howitzer is constructed from a titanium/aluminum alloy. These ultralight 7,500 LB digitally controlled howitzers enable a speedy 6-minute setup by an 8 man crew:! Ukraine Used An American M777 155mm Howitzers To Destroy…
The M777 is an ultra-light or lightweight howitzer designed and manufactured by

p.s. I live 22 miles from Key West, and that’s not as the Peregrine Falcons fly down here. If I had an M777 in my yard and Russians had taken over the island of Key West, I could hit their positions from my yard as quickly as the co-ordinates were called into me. These howitzers will most definitely give the Ukrainians the upper hand in any artillery slugfest in Donbas. Add in the self-propelled 155mm howitzers yet to arrive, and were I a Russian tanker or artillery man, I’d be checking for the exits in Donbas.

Also, the narrator of the youtube video on the M777 made the video before the announcement that America had upped the 155mm rounds being sent from 44,000 to now close to 150,000 rounds.

Ukraine is not only going to take back Donbas, but my guess is the will level military installations just over the border in Russia, especially ammo depots.

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If Trump’s coup had been successful, Ukraine would already be lost.