What is the deal with the avatar letters?

Okay, still trying to figure out the new system, and how to jerry-rig some of the old Fool functionality. One of the biggest differences between the systems is the increased difficulty of identifying who has written a post - as opposed to what they’re writing about.

So - rather than list author names, Discourse provides little teeny-tiny Avatars. For fools that have replaced their Avatars with a headshot, they are of course useless - the Avatar buttons are too small to differentiate between people’s faces. Some Fools haven’t done that - but the two-letter Avatar combinations sometimes appear to bear no relation to their Fool names. It seems random. For me, my letters are AB - which seem logical for my Fool nickname of Albaby. But for others, the letters have nothing to do with their author name.

How are those letters determined? Is there a way I can replace the Avatars with author names so I can actually see who’s written a post? If not, is there a way I can adjust the size of the Avatars so that they’re actually “legible” as photos?


Once you get to your Preferences, you can add a small photo or part of one by editing a larger chunk, as a replacement for the bot created avatar… Trick is to find something maybe related to your handle… You are right, the, headshots are so tiny… I tried to fit Western electric in there, but it’s tiny…

It might not fit your heritage, but when I googled Western Electric logo I saw a blue circle with a bell in it.

And then I found this!

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Indeed, most are in folders here on my Mac, if too big they get obliterated, need to figure out what the pixel limits are, the one on the PC side was clearer, but when copied for the Freemium side it got pretty fuzzy… It may change from time to time… As my worksite did, from WeCo to AT&T and then to Lucent, if I’d stayed it would have been Alcatel, and today Nokia! But I stopped at Lucent… 40 years was enough…

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Years ago I set up the photo I uses as my avatar somewhere on the web, and it just keeps following me around. I had long since forgotten where I set it up, and really didn’t know just how it follows me, so just dug around and found the answer. Apparently I went to gravatar.com where I loaded the picture and associated it with my email address. The image I loaded is FAR larger - 200x200 pixels - than what you see here, and square. Shrinking and trimming it round just happens.

Anyway, when I look at my profile here, it is defined under Preferences, and one of the choices is Gravatar based on my email address.

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